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Personally, literary translations are what I love most about my job. This is where I can get really creative and use my full linguistic potential. Let my passion be your benefit and get inspired by my fine feeling for texts and – most importantly – the meaning behind them.



  • pop literature, novels & stories

  • fantasy

  • science fiction, dystopia & utopia

  • children's books


  • biographies

  • specialized books (upon request)

  • self-help

  • social criticism



My price calculations for literary translations are based on the standard page. It consists of 30 lines, each line counting 60 strokes.

For one standard page in the source language, I determine a price from 18 to 22 euros, depending on both the language and the difficulty of the text. Take a look at the two non-binding examples below for more clarity:


  • genre: science fiction novel

  • source language: English

  • standard pages: 100

  • technical terms: few to none

  • stylistic means (puns, external references): few

These parameters result in a price per page of 18 euros.

The total price for this translation is 1.800 euros.


  • genre: biography of a politician

  • source language: French

  • standard pages: 100

  • technical terms: considerable

  • stylistic means (puns, external references): considerable

These parameters result in a price per page of 21 euros.

The total price for this translation is 2.100 euros.


I will do my best to help you access the German-speaking market for your book as fast as possible. The exact time I need for a book translation always depends on the language, topic and style of the source text.

This is how we can efficiently work together:

  • First of all, you send me your book for a quick review. In case it is not ready yet, I will need a text sample of at least 10 pages.

  • After 5 workdays at the latest, I will get back to you with a cost estimate.


  • I begin with the translation process. You can assist me the most by providing me with a contact person I can get back to for questions.

  • During the working process, I can send you representative extracts from the German translation if you wish so. Please note that aformentioned extracts are conditional.

  • I deliver the complete translation in due course. Afterwards, you check it thourughly and, if needed, add your notes and comments to the text. Needless to say, I am at your full disposal in this work phase, too.

  • As soon as you are fully satisfied with your translated book, I invoice the amount agreed upon which is to be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.

  • Starting at 5.000 sold books in German version, I charge the usual percentage of the sales of 0,8 % (hardcover) or rather 0,4 % (softcover) of the net sales price.

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