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What makes a good translator? She obviously needs one or more foreign languages to work with. In my case, these are Spanish, French and English.


I exclusively translate into my own mother tongue, German. This is how I can really guarantee the highest quality for my translations. The second aspect that makes me worth my price is my specializations. I keep learning every single day - and you profit from exactly that.


  • culture: travel guides, essays, scientific articles

  • arts, especially museums: portfolios for exhibitions, artists profiles, audioguides

  • media: screenplays, audiovisual translations (subtitles and dubbing), publicity campagins



I calculate per word in source text for my specialized translations.


The decisive advantage of this method is that I can quickly and easily provide you with a cost estimate. It even shortens the overall duration in this way. The prices for my translations vary - it is no news that some texts simply require a lot more research, modifications and expertise than others. Good quality takes time.

I calculate from 9 to 15 cents per word in source text, always depnding on difficulty and urgency.


I want to be as transparent with my pricing as possible, which is why I show you two non-binding calculatory examples below:


  • specialization: culture (article for a travel guide)

  • source language: Spanish

  • words in source text: 1.500

  • specific terms: few

  • effort for research: moderate

  • delivery: within 1 week (no high urgency)

These parameters result in a price per word of 9 cents.

The total price for this translation is  135 euros.


  • specialization: arts (audioguide for an exhibition)

  • source language: Frenche

  • words in source text: 1.500

  • specific terms: many

  • effort for research: moderate to high

  • delivery: 3 days (moderate to high urgency)

These parameters result in a price per word of 14 cents.

The total price for this translation is  210 euros.


I handle the processing time for your text individually. A long text does not necessarily mean a long editing time for me, as well as it sometimes occurs that half a page takes me several days to translate.

In order to make the entire process comprehensible for you, I show you how we can work together:

  • You send me a mail with your inquiry to I need information on the length of the text, the specialization, your target group and the estimated delivery date.

  • After 3 workdays at the latest, I will get back to you with a cost estimate.

  • We schedule the delivery date and agree on a format (Word, PDF, Excel, direct editing on your website, etc.). Please note that I invoice an urgency fee of 20 % for tasks with a delivery time of less than 24 hours.

  • I begin with the translation process. You can assist me the most by providing me with a contact person I can get back to for questions.

  • I deliver the complete translation in due course. Afterwards, you check it thoroughly and, if needed, add your notes and comments to the text. Needless to say, I am at your full disposal in this work phase, too.

  • As soon as you are fully satisfied with your translated book, I invoice the amount agreed upon which is to be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.

  • I am happy to get feedback from you and would love to work with you again. Contact me for further translations at any time and feel free to ask for a loyalty discount.

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