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So, who is the human behind this site?




Graduation from high school Thomas-Strittmatter-Gymnasium in St. Georgen in Black Forest, Germany


Internship in marketing at the dive center Blue Season Bali in Sanur, Indonesia


Bachelor's degree in Translation at Universität Leipzig. A language German, B languages Spanish and French. Final grade 1,6

since 2014

Freelance translator


Exchange semester at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium


Internship in translation at the cultural agency getando in Tunis, Tunesia


Internship in the editorial department at the online magazine Würzburg erleben

since 2018

Flight attendant at Deutsche Lufthansa


Foundation of my own company imwortgewand

My name is Jessica Wille and I am a studied translator. Not surprising so far, right?

What actually makes me and my work unique is not my CV, but my personality and my skills.

If I had only three words to describe myself, it would be

creative, sensitive and curious.

What inspires me the most are unconventional thinkers, foreigners as well as friends. I gather new strength outdoors in nature and love traveling to places I have never been to.

Since 2018, I am fortunate enough to travel the world as a part-time flight attendant for Deutsche Lufthansa. I am on the road - or rather up in the air - all the time and would not want to have it any other way.

I am very grateful for this perfect combination of the beautiful madness that I find in flying and the thoughtful act of writing and translating.

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